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Basketball Court

Entrygue Program 
Where Beginners Become Ballers


Developing Stage

Excellent for kids who are starting their basketball journeys! We provide a welcoming and fun environment with engaging activities with the basketball, as well as fitness sequences to target fundamental movement training. We strive to ignite the participants' passion for basketball/sports!

Comprehensive Stage

This Group will build on the fundamentals young players have already learned. Players will experience drills designed to enhance control and confidence with ball handling, passing, rebounding, shooting, and footwork. Players will also gain an understanding of basketball rules and basic game play principles.

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Refining Stage

Players will be constantly competing against one another using the tools and skills they've developed. We will incorporate game situations to prepare them for Club Team play.

Playing Basketball

Course Schedule (Sep 8-Dec 18, 2024)


Saturdays 11:30AM to 1PM
@Jewish Community Centre
950 W 41st Ave, Vancouver


Sundays 9AM to 11AM
@Marpole Community Centre
990 W 59th Ave, Vancouver


Sundays 12:30PM to 2:30PM
@Fraserview Church
11295 Mellis Dr, Vancouver


To Register or Get in Touch:

Call/Text 6048057730

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